Arenal-volcanoCosta Rica is a mountainous and volcanic tropical country (9 actives volcanoes) bathed by 2 oceans. It is definitely the champion of eco tourism.
1000 km of coast on the Pacific and 200 km on the Atlantic Ocean. One is never further than 100 km of a beach.
Agricultural Country, the main exports are the coffee, the banana and the decorative plants. This small country offers an incredible variety of landscapes and contrasts.

frogcrThe 75 natural parks and reserves protect near than a third part of the country and more than 12 ecosystems. It is the country with the highest density of animal and vegetable species in the world. Tropical Country with 2 seasons: dry season from November to May and a rainy season from May to October. It is situated outside the hurricanes road. During the green season, mornings are usually brightened and shiny, rain starts in the middle of the afternoon.

mangrove in costa rica

tamarindo-mangroveSan Jose lives an eternal spring with temperatures from 16 to 26 degrees. The coastal regions are warmer: 25 to 32 degrees and the water is rarely less than 28 degrees. This is also the oldest democracy of Central America and one of the only countries in the world without an army. It has developed an excellent educational system and a good health protection.

Costa Rica Traveler’s tips

Airport tax:

$ 29 per person.


The local currency is the colon (1 dollar = 565 colons).


Direct phone connections, fax, radio, cable television and Internet are available almost everywhere.
Mail sent to Europe or North America takes about ten days to reach its recipient.

Credit cards:

Main credit cards are taken in many shops, except in the smallest ones. Always check the slip.


110 V. American plugs with two flat pins.


No vaccination is requested, the sanitary situation of the country is satisfactory.
Tap water is safe almost everywhere.
The public network of hospitals and dispensaries covers almost all the country. Their staff is well-trained and equipments are modern.
In San José you can find state-of-the-art private hospitals.


Spanish is the official language but English is spoken at most hotels and restaurants.